Islas Marquesas

The Marquesas are the northern most high islands of the South Pacific and are part of the French Pacific territories. Out of the 10 island only six are inhabited. During the 19 and 20 centuries most of the Marquesian population were decimated primarily to disease introduced by Europeans.
There are no fringing reef on this inlands and the water is deep to the shoreline.
Most people lives in the narrow fertile valleys between steep rugged hills. The interior is largely inaccessible to humans with wild horses, cattle and pigs running free.
The waters around the island have an abundance of lobster, fish and sharks. The remoteness of this island and the expense to get there have kept these islands away from the general tourist.
Nuka Hiva is the largest and most populated of the island with 2375 inhabitants. It is mainly visited by on route yachts seeking to cross the South Pacific from East to West as a place to rest before continuing further to Tahiti.
The most annoying thing on this island are the insects that will bite you to death and will even come and pay you a house visit on your boat. Included are big wasps, small wasps, small flies, large flies, sandflies ticks, and a few others that have not been baptized yet.
So after a longer than expected rest I can’t wait to leave these nasty bugs behind.


About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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