Lost City – Colombia

Lost City is one of the most important archeological sites in Colombia. Hidden in the  jungle it was only discovered in 1972.

This mysterious places situated in a region within the highest coastal montains  in the world, Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta with a maximun altitude of 5780 meters.

This indigenous city was surrounded by forest  that are home to an exotic fauna, reptiles and bird life.  Is access is mostly by rugged paths and hanging bridges over ravines.

The final approach the Lost City is by 1200 steps that lead from a river.

The town was built on circular terrace made with stone, where temples, accommodation and stores were placed.

The indigenous civilisation Tayrona left their towns fearing that the Spanish conquistadors were going  to attack  their towns  as they did with Santa Marta, and moved higher up the mountains were they perish of cold and hunger.

Descendants of this old civilisation ( Kogi, Wiwas, Arsarios and Kankowamos )are scattered  in the mountains and continue to visit this areas to perform their ritual and preserve their culture although most of it has been lost with the disappearance of the indigenous


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