Robbed by an ATM

Have you ever used an ATM on the street, shopping center or airport?   Think again before you do it. Should these machines take a fancy at your card and decide not to return it to you, it will start a chain  of events you will hardly forget if it is the only card you have, you are out of cash and moving on from that particular country.

You have been robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you can’t call the police. After looking perplexed to the machine’s screen frantically tapping all the keys, while muttering a few F’s to yourself you will start to realize that you are screwed.

Once you locate the place where to go and vent your spleen, you will be attended most likely by a female psychologist trained specifically to handle nutcases like you, as you will behaving like one by the time you get to her.

While she is doing an assessment of your intellect capacity, and trying her best to tell you that the bank will do everything to get your card back but it will take four to five days, your blood pressure is building   up to the point of bursting an artery and having thoughts of reaching over and wringing her neck while screaming “but it was your F’ing machine that stole my card you stupid bitch”.

From this point on you will be on a roller-coaster of hope and despair that will last until you get you card back and by that time if you were not a nutter you are closer to be one if you continue to use an ATM.

The  thief

The thief


About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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2 Responses to Robbed by an ATM

  1. Justin Hardy says:

    Thank you for brightening up my day. I appologize it was at your expence but that is very funny. I hope your ordeal is over and you are free to move on. Best regards. Justin

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