Nevis and St Kitts

Nevis and St Kitts are two islands separated by a 3 mile channel and are situated east of Antigua.

They gained their independence from England 30 years ago and they formed a federation.

As with most islands in the Caribbean they were discovered by Columbus but  it was hard work to colonized them as they were pursuing other type of wealth already collected by others.

The British cultivated the islands for sugar for 350 years causing almost total deforestation and causing permanent ecological damage. Sugar cane farming was stopped in 2005 and some king of vegetation is growing back in the plantations.

Tourism is the main sources of income today   and the islands have become a financial haven like the Caiman and Channel Islands. You can buy citizenship by investing $300.000.00 on property in the island.

Tourists arrive  by the thousands on cruise ships and are herded for a day around the port shopping malls, are stripped of their cash and sent onwards to the next island.



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