Cabedelo, Jacare and Joao Pessoa ( Brasil)

Exstatic about arriving to Brasil  after crossing the Atlantic Ocean.Over half of my circumnavigation around the world and getting better.  Anchored in  the River Paraíba, the peace of the day get broken by live music along the shore at dusk.

Brazil is a country that you can’t do justice with a short visit.  The place I stopped (Joao Pessoa) where the port of Cabedelo lays at the entrance of the river Paraíba, is one of the oldest cities in Brazil. The main attraction of this country is the relax way of life where “MANANA” lives well.

Everything closes between 12.00 and 14.00 and night life start at 9.00 every day for these people addicted to music and dance.

I felt welcome and unthreatened by locals that can’t understand why  I  am sailing instead of flying as a way of travel.

A part of my research I indulged in most of the local customs which involved tasting of their national drink, caipirinha or the deluxe version, caiprioska, hugging beautiful Brazilian women and chatting up female police.

Interesting, the more Caipirinha I drunk the better I spoke and understood Brasileiro. There must be something in it, that unlocks the negative part of the brain.  I am surprise medical science has not looked into it.

Demands from other part of the world forced my departure from Brazil to Trinidad and Tobago only 2000 miles north and then Venezuela, a place full of pirates where a good friend of mine ( Chaves) is the chief pirate.

I just hope he is no dead (he’s very sick last I hear)

I am ready to look what will stimulate the brain in those countries???

I write this blog while crossing the Equator for the third time and will share a beer and fresh fish with God Neptune and will give him some useless coins I keep accumulating for these occasions.



About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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