Ascension Island

Ascension Island is another lump of rock in the middle of  Ocean that is basically a military base for the American air force and British RAF.

Originally discovered by the Portuguese in 1501, was left untouched and ships would stop there to collect turtles that provided fresh meat for the sailors.

In 1815, the British built a naval garrison to fend off a possible attack by the French trying to liberate Napoleon from St Helena.

The Americans built an airport during WWII and NASA built-in the 60’s the communication base for the Apollo missions.

It was the main support base during the Falklands war and today still remains a military and communication centre.

Big turtles swim from Brazil to lay and hatch their eggs on the sandy beaches.

The scenery is stunning, changing from arid volcanic hills to lush tropical vegetation.

The only supermarket is not bigger than a 7/11 deli and a drinking venue that can accommodate 1000 thirsty drinkers that got stuck to the music of Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendricks.

The last section was 1300 miles from Ascension to Cabedelo and Jacare in the Northern part of Brazil. It’s been good to have constant wind through all the crossing and although the wind angle was not the best, at times the boundaries were pushed to new areas

Hooked and lost Billfish every day and just as well, as they were enormous. The display as they took the hook and broke the line was well worth the loss of the rig..

Since Darwin , many moons ago I had the privilege to share the god and the bad with Colin and Sarah from SV Moonbeam, and St Helena was the place we said  good byes as “they had their fun” and I going to continue having it (sorry Colin) you are miles ahead of me “ha-ha..

I have a special bond to them.

As I finish this blog, (started early morning) with the euphoria of arrival to Brazil after a couple of Jagermasters  with my espresso and a bottle of red for lunch  I am ready (probably a hangover tomorrow).

Talking about character building, I have learnt enough about character building in this passage to claim title to a doctorate in psychology. This comment is made after a bottle of plonk so doesn’t take it to close to your heart.

I used to get uptight when thing stop working on board, and the degree of upset was mainly driven by importance equipment.. If the plotter stop working that is major shit (talk about loosing the plot) it means for a learner sailor like me, that I don’t have a clue where I am., but the good thing is if you maintain course you eventually will hit land so it is not a huge issue. If the autopilot goes south, well, that is a major drama, because who is going to get the boat there, you know there, where there suppose to be in a piece of paper.  If you get to stressed by that you need some Paco’s Spiced rum..

I am not biased about this recommendation because it works. Once you drink a liter of it you will think Columbus was drinking the same rum.

To sum it all, the South Atlantic Ocean has been a wonderful experience and makes up for the crap of the Indian Ocean. Did I say Indian??>??????? Mum is word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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5 Responses to Ascension Island

  1. Jose Luis S.A. says:

    Me alegra mucho que lo estes pasando genial!! Si al final te convertiras en un gran sabio y tambien psicólogo!, Un abrazo!

    • Paco says:

      Hola Jose,
      La vida la ves desde un angulo diferente cuando tomas control total de ella y cortas el cordon del ombligo que te amarra a las viejas costumbres.
      Un abrazo

      • Paco says:

        Hi Justin,
        It good to see you enjoy my blog. I try to show only the good bits without going into the dangers of the sea, like monster
        waves, hurricanes and huge sea creatures and at the same time fighting the pirates of the oceans. It is a hard life.

      • Jstin Hardy says:

        I am sure it has its challenges but am also sure the rewards are worth it. As for the pirates, i think you have been exposed to the land type ones for long enough to take care of the sea ones. Good to see your still enjoying your adventure. Look forward to hearing all the ins and outs over a bottle of wine or two. Until then we are all thinking of you. Regards from the family.

  2. Jstin Hardy says:

    Another thrilling episode in the Dream of Paco. Kepp them coming, i look forward to the next. stay safe. regards

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