An affair with Jamon Pata Negra, Manchego Cheese,Chorizo Iberico, Olive Oil and what else?? Wine!!!! I’m in love !!!!!!

After an overdose of Spain in 2008 and 2009 I was ready to face the country again.

The approach this time was to do what the locals do, a fine balance between drinking, eating and having a good time while they talked about the crisis as if it was some kind of flu that someone will come with an antidote for it.

They should also be asking for compulsory inoculation against corruption for all of those that seek public office.

 While having great debates about the quality of their hams, cheese, chorizos and olive oils as being the best in the world, I add that their financial crisis is also the best in the world.

The frosty mornings of winter are easily faced with coffee and brandy before breakfast.

Chorizo Iberico (the eating variety)


Jamon Pata Negra


Manchego Cheese


I blame the drinking habit to my mother

Olive oil unlike wine should be eaten as fresh as possible, and where best?.  At the source of production

Olives are shaken to the ground by machine


knocking remaining olives manually


olives are sucked by machine of the floor


precleaning of olives on site


delivery of olives by farmers


Discharge into hopper for weight and processing


After further cleaning and washing the olives are crushed


How the crushing was done in the good old days


Good old days my ass!! said the donkey


Macerated olives go through centrifuges that separate solids and water from the oil


This is the only "VIRGIN" oil you ever see before human greed stuff it up by further processing and blending


Making sure I got the right stuff

So there you are folks, before you think you are eating virgin olive oil from the local market, think again!!!!!!!!

About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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