Trekking Cirques of Salazie-Mafate-Cilaos

Last of the trekking in Reunion. For such a small Island the interior is so rugged that it would take months to see it all.The collapsed craters  have allowed for people to live within the confines  of this mountains and in places like Mafate some people have not seen the sea or cars.

The parks are clean and free of any rubbish. the climate in the three cirques vary from very wet to dry so the vegetation and flora is different in each location.

Trekking routes

Rubbish collection by chopper

I need a beer


Sri Lankan water. Taste better if diluted with rum


Duck dinner with a full moon


Only transport in Mafate


About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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