Time to go

Rowing from Geralton to Mauritius

The time has come to cut the umbilical cord to this nice Island. When the courtesy flag start to shred and the urge to shave your head became irresistible you realize that you need to look for new pastures.It might have something to do with “the grass is greener in the other……………”. After two and a half months I think I have contributed to raise the beer  and wine consumption per head  in this country and  helped to keep the deer population down .

Some things in Mauritius remind me of Spain and they have managed to push up the meaning of  ‘MANANA’ one level or two.

Saturday we leave for Reunion, where I will try to burn the alcohol in my system on a trekking trip so to be sure I will top up my tank tonight.

Taking it slow


therapeutical to watch


upmarket buskers


Kareoke house


around Port Louis




Blue lagoon


From once upon a time


Her holyness


His Holyness


About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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2 Responses to Time to go

  1. Kathleen Tucker says:

    Is Kasun going on with you? How about Batu?

    • Paco says:

      Hi Katheleen,
      Yes Kasun still on board an improoving his sailing skills. Batu is back in Sri Lanka recovering from the broken leg

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