Port Louis is the commercial port of Mauritius and the end of the harbor has been remodeled to look like as small version of Circular Quay with all the glamour boutiques and restaurants.

The Dutch settled in Mauritius in1638 and walked away in 1710. The Frogs arrived in 1715  and were kicked out in 1810. The place was running well so the Pomes did not change anything including the language  and maybe they thought that if they did not speak English they could not complain about anything. In 1968 became an independent country within the Commonwealth.

The official language is English but between Mauritians they only speak Creole with French as the main ingredient.

Frog land 1- Pomeland 0.

The place has more of a Froggy flavor than anything else.

Batu had an X-ray of his leg that shows a clean break.  He will go back to Sri Lanka because the difficulties of hobbling on a boat with a plastered leg.



Custom House


From Customs


Something Dutch


Around the Port


Around the Marina 2


Around the Port 3

Feeling already like a local, decided to go for a stroll to Signal Hill  ( 3 hours ) to take a few pictures from above and that was my day’s effort of gimnastics. I must looked how I felt because I had a few invitations from taxi drivers which of course I declined.

Signal Hill


From the Fort


Knob Hill


Going fishing






Preparing for export


Fish exterminator


Street Markets


Fresh Juice


Salt Farm


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