Fom Chagos to Mauritius

After one month at anchor inside an Atoll and protected from bad weather one start to develop  a land based mentality that turn into apprehension as time tick close to departure. The journey ahead is 1250 miles between latitudes 5 and 20 degrees south.

We have been monitoring the weather, waiting for a steady wind pattern that will indicate that the cyclone season is over. I have certainly gained a respect for the sea and will gather all the information available to minimize surprises and so far it is working well.

On the second day you start to fall into a routine, you count the days backwards and wait with some anxiety for the delivery of the daily weather forecast.

The crew was out of action; Batu with a broken leg, Kasun was seasick for the whole trip and feeling sorry for himself and with John not been domesticated yet in the galley we saved on food which was a good thing as we were running low. So we were all doing “The low food intake diet” and a “win win” situation for all. This diet only works for those physically incapacitated or useless in the galley.

We had consistent wind of 20-25 knots on the beam that stopped altogether on the seventh day, one day from Port Louis. The sights of land set the reverse feeling of anxiety on departure and although I love the sea arriving to a destination is hard to describe with words.

I am looking forward a few beers and break a seven day draught

Leaving Chagos


 Sunset 1
Coconut TIme

Coconut Time


Heading for New Land

Heading for New Land



The One That Did Not Get Away

The One That Did Not Get Away


Visitors Arrive for a Night's Stay

Visitors Arrive for a Night's Stay


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I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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