Sunday's roast


Inside Salomon Atoll

Chagos, the lost archipelago, the location of the American base Diego Garcia (a base for secret business).

The Chagosians were relocated by the Poms (experts at relocating people) to Mauritius and the Seychelles most likely at the request of their mates (the secret men) and the poor buggers were left without a home and are still trying to go back (fat chance).

The British have made Chagos a marine park (very convenient).

Stray sailors are discouraged to stop there by charging 50 pound a week and are not allowed to fart; otherwise they will be fined.

The ruins on the island are an indication of the primitive ways the Chagosians lived.

The Poms based at Diego Garcia do a Tour of Duty once a month to make sure you are legal and to try to recruit you to join MI5 and to report anything suspicious so I was part of the spy agency for a month.

Nothing to report “Your Majesty” Not even wild naked women running amuck

I met a few people, the good and one’s that think they own the place (full time with the secret service)

One of my new recruits forgot how to climb palms trees and fell eight meters while chasing coconuts and managed to break his leg. After packaging his leg the best we could we explained to him that the only burial if he died was as food for the sharks so that stop him from complaining too much.

We shall get an X-ray when we get to Mauritius as we cannot do much for the poor bugger.

So, if you are interested in Chagos, Google it and find out by yourself.

God bless


On land looking for wild beasts



Wild beast


Coconut chaser


The coconut chaser that fell of the perch


Looking for fish


We found and caught the fish


Fishmonger Colin


Men at workChagos tapas bar


A place to die for


Crab tree


Dinner at Moonbeam Restaurant


Too big for a shell he found a coconut


Bird on a tree


If I had a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More wild beasts


Big shell no meat!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Feet on the ground" coconut chaser


magic mushrooms


This fish is mine!!


Wash and wear laundry


Wishfull thinking


Waiting for the bar to open


At the bar


Chagos tapas bar


Trying to wash his tan off


Tree house





Bad luck coconuts


spider tree


leaving for Mauritius


About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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One Response to Chagos

  1. Caroline says:

    Dear Paco!

    You have shot wonderful Pics from Chagos Island. Thank you for meeting you today on my island, Reunion! Until tomorrow, I will follow your diary. You’re a great person! Bisous, Caroline from Réunion Island

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