Time for thinking

The  madness to be on a rally to achieve circumnavigation for the sake of  ” I have done it ” are over.

The essence of cruising is  to navigate at your own pace and minimise the risk of being at sea  a nd to disregard  the pressure put by people with a time frame.

Being for four weeks trying to get an engine fixed in Sri Lanka  has given me the time to understand the elements ahead, and although piracy  always play a small part of this cruise it has now become a major issue.

Where the risk of piracy was once concentrated  between Oman and the Aden Strait now has extended to mos of the Arabian sea and close to the Maldives.

There for It is easier to explore for a year in Thailand and Malaysia that in a cave in Somalia at best.

It is a disappointment for me but a good choice at the end. Once the Port engine is fixed I will be turning back for Thailand   and see more of surrounding countries.


About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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2 Responses to Time for thinking

  1. Anita van Duyn says:

    I was a friend of Jean and Scott Adam, they were members of the same Yacht club. We knew them well, know they were cautious sailors, the question we all have is, why did they have to go on their own route alone over the Arabian sea.
    We all know they joined this rally specifically to travel safely with other boaters through this pirate infested ocean. And we know they also suffered pop and engine troubles when they hit India. You mention in your blog.. The essence of cruising is to navigate at your own pace and minimize the risk of being at sea and to disregard the pressure put by people with a time frame”.
    Could this same situation have happened to Jean and Scott Adam? Did they get
    left behind from the rally and have to go on their own or turn back as you did?

    if you could answer any of these questions it would certainly put a lot of us who keep questioning why what happened happened.

    They were a great couple and an inspiration to many of us, they will be sadly missed.

    Picked you to ask as an Australian myself I know you’ll always get a straight answer from a fellow Aussie.

    All the best on your cruising, you have a beautiful boat there.


    Anita van Duyn

  2. Paco says:

    Dear Anita,
    It is a very sad story indeed and nobody deserved this tragic ending. I meet Scott and Jean briefly in Thailand and then again in Sri Lanka, and I gave Bob Riggle a lift from Bali to Phuket. I also knew Phyllis.
    The Blue Water Rally is conducted by a group of ex army retirees that are cashing in the fear of sailing in troubled waters. I found distasteful the BWR’s implying that the highjack happened because they were not in the group. These gentlemen are so unprofessional that I find relieved I am no longer with the rally and this feeling is being voice by many others.
    Not being part of that particular leg I do not know the full details of what was happening, but I do know that the group was fragmented and had little faith on the support they were receiving. Further more BWR left every one on their own after Cochin.
    I received this email from Quest on the day they got assaulted that appear to follow a preplanned route

    Quest position, FRI. 18 Feb, 0900 Not reading net at all.

    18 deg 38n, 061 deg 54e

    Winds 2-4 out of NE

    ETA landfall (Richard’s new waypoint D) Sat late PM thence following
    waypoints e and f to Salalah, ETA late Sun or Mon AM.

    Empty seas, crew well. Motorsailing with almost no winds on beam. Making
    about 7 kt av.

    Encountered NATO warship L17. Yesterday afternoon. They checked our status
    and our destination and eta. They said if any problems, get on ch 16 HI
    POWER and shout, as there were “several” (whatever that means) warships
    patrolling the area and also call UKMTO as they were in almost constant
    “open line” contact with them. No questionable ships in our area at


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