Sri Lanka

Reflecting on the stormy passage

From the moment you arrive at Galle and officials boarding the vessel demanding spirit, cigarettes, T shirts and every thing else ,you start to dislike the country, which is unfortunate because these greedy apes do not represent the majority of the population , which are very friendly and very conscientious of their image.

Code of ethic (only joking)

Officials try to squeeze any thing from foreigners and will stand on the way if you do not come with some sort of gift. They are not shy and will continue to ask to the point that you have to tell them to  *#@&*^%$#@$%^  in English. After that they look at you like if you have rabies which is good.

The main gate  is secured by navy personnel and security guards in abundance that check your pass (without it nobody goes out or in) and look at you with amusement .

Besides all of that the rest of the population is friendly. Many do believe that the tsunami was work of the Americans and the country misfortunes all go back to post tsunami times. You can help to feel sorry for some of them

While in Galle they were filming The men of the Emdom

Cricket ground

Poor elephant

Fishing Sri Lanka style


The world should adopt this fishing practice

fishing Indonesian style


Galle harbour

Brings back memories

Galle old fort

Last Sunday I got invited to one of the navy officer’s house for lunch and it was a nice experience to visit a normal family away from the tourist areas of Galle



Not Sunday's lunch


Sebastian's navy friends

Waiting to be turned into rope

100% coconut husk


They do not think like Cubans

Galle museum

Selling the catch of the day

moonstone mine/ 0% pollution

cutting and polishing moonstone gems


About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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