Nongsa Point to Lankawi

Back to the writing mood after a long spell marred by communications glitches and a bit of laziness that creeps on you fueled by the celebrating drink every time you drop anchor or arrive at a marina.

I will not write any more about Indonesia because I should not bag any country, so if I don’t write about a particular place you know why.

After leaving Indonesia we headed for Malaysia through the Malacca Straits to the town of Melaka.


Melaka is a very interesting place where a few countries planted their genetic seeds and left their mark in more that one way.

Malaysians are indifferent to tourists so you don’t get chased around as in Indonesia.

Living by the sea

Ablution by the sea and prawn feeding


Leaving Melaka after 5 days for Penang with an overnight anchorage at Pankor Island. I found sailing the Malacca Straits is very tiring due to the amount of shipping, fishing boats, nets, fishing traps and long lines. The amount of crap in the water is incredible; it is a sea of floating garbage.

Bob Brown and his following group of green cabbages should be sent on a cruise through Indonesia and the Malacca Straits as further and advance education project. Maybe they should chuck Peter Garret to entertain them at night.

Penang Coastguard. Interesting??????

 The next stop after Penang was the Port Kelang Yacht Club for an overnight stay. The problem with these Marinas and Clubs is the rubbish that is floating in the water. You can’t run the generator because you will be unblocking strainers every five minutes.

However people seem comfortable with all of this.

Arriving at Langkawi you get the feeling that you are practically in Thailand. The scenery changed and the water is clearer and cleaner. As a duty-free island Langkawi must be Alcoholic Anonymous biggest nightmare with beer under 40 cents a can and 6 dollar for one liter of good scotch. So we stocked with enough whisky for the next couple of years.

Cooling down in Langkawi


Bath time

Give me the food

So with a boat full of cheer we leave for Thailand. The border is only 12 miles away and a few stopovers before we check in Phuket.


About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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