Indonesia (Darwin to Bali)

Well, I am back  to keep you informed  on what has happened  ( and what did not happen) on the first leg ( little leg) of this voyage.

After leaving Darwin on 13th October for Kupang (West Timor)  on a windless passage,  the first impression of  the anchorage was very average, although Captain Bligh  probably thought otherwise when he first landed there after his ordeal.

I could write lots about why sailor should not go to Indonesia but will leave it for the end of the second leg as it appears to be getting better. After wasting a week  waiting  for Customs to clear us into Indonesia they told us to “bugger off” before we had the boat impounded.  My understanding is that  no “grease” was used at this point and wheels do not turn well unless they are oiled or greased.

From this moment we were refugees looking for a willing port to re-enter Indonesia. On the way we  visited illegally  some islands on the way to Bali.

Having the experience of Kupang, this time grease was in abundance, A grade grease  that will last for quite a while.

A  down side to this affair is that lust for A grade grease will increase  as time goes by.

 Benoa  Harbour should be listed amongst the most undesirable places to visit and you have to take it on face value as I will not put you through the description of the place. 

I do not have a dig to the Indonesian people as they are unlucky enough to have a system that don’t care for them and certainly  do not care about anybody else.


About Paco

I am living my dream of sailing around the world, and to visit and meet as many places and people time will allow me.
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